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The Rainbow Business offers…

  • An opportunity to earn extra income with no cash investment.
  • The flexibility to keep your regular job. You can set appointments only when you have the time and energy.
  • Excellent training and support. When trained properly, the potential income is extremely high.
  • An exciting work environment. Meeting new people keeps work interesting and fun.
“If you want to be involved in a company that’s family-oriented, yet you can have an above average lifestyle, this is the place to be.”- PEGGY V., FLORIDA
“You know, the Rainbow is the greatest product in the world. It does what we tell people it’s going to do. There’s no smoke and mirrors involved, and as long as you just show the Rainbow the way it’s designed to work, you know people are going to buy it because it’s the greatest home cleaning system in the world.”- Sam T., Pennsylvania
“Rexair supports its distributors, first and foremost, by offering us a great product. We have by far the greatest product in our market, but also the support that they offer the distributors.”- Jeff, M., Kentucky

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