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Due to an increased awareness of indoor air quality and consumer demand, Rainbow distributors in many markets across the globe are currently seeking individuals to fill a variety of roles. You can join the thousands of people across the globe who have realized a more abundant lifestyle in the Rainbow business. You do not have to be a professional or have previous sales experience. You will receive training from experienced professionals and provided with ongoing support and tools to help you succeed.

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Full-time opportunities in the Rainbow business are a great career option for individuals who seek a flexible work schedule, yet desire the earning potential of a full-time job. A variety of positions are available in the areas of marketing, sales and sales management. No prior experience is necessary, as your local independent Rainbow Distributor provides free training. Your local independent Rainbow Distributor will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Start Your New Career


Part-time opportunities in the Rainbow business are an ideal way to earn money on a flexible schedule that fits your lifestyle. Perhaps you would like to make more money to help pay the mortgage, buy a new house or car, save for college tuition, take a dream vacation or just cover day-to-day living expenses. In the Rainbow business, you can have a part-time opportunity working a few hours a week. That could put extra money in your pocket each month and help you get more out of life. You can even determine the hours you work.

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College Students

Most college students get by on a very limited budget. Would you like to make extra money to help with the cost of college tuition, rent, day-to-day living expenses or even purchase a better car? The Rainbow business offers part-time opportunities. Just a few hours a week means extra money in your pocket to help you get more out of life. You even determine the hours that you work. Rainbow Distributors provide real-life experience with the opportunity to make good money. And it offers a proven advancement path, should you choose to make a career of it. If you have a positive attitude and need to generate additional income, why not give Rainbow a try?

Earn While You Learn
“The Rainbow opportunity has been fantastic for our family. It’s allowed us to pay cash for our daughter to go to college rather than have her get out of school with a big debt load.”- Andrew F., Wisconsin
“You know, the Rainbow is the greatest product in the world. It does what we tell people it’s going to do. There’s no smoke and mirrors involved, and as long as you just show the Rainbow the way it’s designed to work, you know people are going to buy it because it’s the greatest home cleaning system in the world.”- Sam T., Pennsylvania
“The greatest satisfaction that I get as a Rainbow distributor is seeing and helping other people achieve their financial dreams and goals.”- Mike Z., Michigan
“The Rainbow opportunity has allowed us to both stay at home with our kids. So my husband can get to know our kids. Because he was working so much, he felt like he didn’t know them for a little while. So now we both stay at home with our children, and we both get to put them to bed at night. We don’t have to hire a babysitter.”- Eva L., Florida
“Rexair supports its distributors, first and foremost, by offering us a great product. We have by far the greatest product in our market, but also the support that they offer the distributors.”- Jeff, M., Kentucky
“I knew that this was the kind of company that it didn’t matter how long you’ve been in the business, you’d be able to do well. And I was willing to put the work in, and I was willing to build myself. And I knew that as much work as I was willing to pour into myself and change myself and learn the skills that I need to and overcome my fears, my apprehensions, my nervousness about being in people’s houses or anything like that when I was able to grow and build myself, I would make more money.”- Eva L., Florida
“If you believe in something enough, you can make it happen, and the Rainbow opportunity is the greatest vehicle that’s going to get you there.”- Peggy V., Florida
“I was a jet mechanic in the military, and I got into the Rainbow business on a part-time basis. Never had any experience. Actually wasn’t looking to do anything, but I just needed some money on a part-time basis. So I did it part time for about four and a half months. Then I was actually making more money doing this, so I decided to come into the Rainbow business full time after that four and a half months.”- Todd G., Florida
“I had never really been in sales before, but I quickly came to the understanding that the Rainbow would do most of the selling. What I needed to do was just be consistent in my efforts and learn as much as possible about the demonstration and just go out there and get the experience.”- Sam T., Pennsylvania
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