Hear what Rainbow owners have to say…

“The Rainbow has not only made our home smell clean and fresh, but it actually is CLEAN and FRESH! We now have confidence that our guests and even our pets can enjoy the air quality in our home and feel like they are in a cleaner environment.”
Diana S., St. Mary’s, Georgia
“We have wasted no time in giving our Rainbow a good work out keeping the air in our house safe for our sick little daughter. Thank you for providing us with a machine that gives us a small piece of mind when we didn’t think it was possible right now. Now true Rainbow believers.”
Jessica B., Clermont, Iowa
“I purchased a Rainbow over 32 years ago when my wife and I had just welcomed our first child. As new parents, we were sold on its cleaning ability and, of course, all of the other features. We are still using the same Rainbow today (three children and five grandchildren later). It still has the best suction. Who knows how long it will continue to run and serve us faithfully.”
Joe B.
“I bought a Rainbow over 18 years ago and it still works great. When I bought it, my daughter had severe asthma. I vacuumed and dusted every day in every room she was in and after a couple of weeks, there was a notable difference in her breathing. It is the best for removing dust and dirt completely.”
Madelyn D., West Suffield, Connecticut

“This is my second Rainbow and I wouldn’t have anything else. I bought my first one in 1977. My 1986 Rainbow still works great!”

“When we first purchased our home, we hired a professional cleaning company to come and deep clean the carpet. We thought it was as clean as it could ever be when we moved all of our things in. Little did we know that the Rainbow and its attachments would blow that company out of the water.”
Diana S., St. Mary’s, Georgia
“We packed our Rainbow in storage for over 15 years before heading to the mission field. We just returned and built a house, moved in and gathered our belongings. Our Rainbow and fragrances work just like when we lived in the States. Great machine/product.”
Paul/Sandy R., Webster, Florida
“We’ve been a faithful Rainbow owner for over 20 years. We’re on our second one.”
Bill B., Saginaw, Texas
“We just wanted to reach out and highlight this amazing product along with our amazing saleswoman, Brandy. When Brandy demonstrated the Rainbow, I was disgusted at how dirty our home really was. Brandy was so fun and so helpful that when she left, we felt like we knew everything there was to know about this Rainbow.”
Diana S., St. Mary’s, Georgia

“We’ve been faithful Rainbow owners for over 20 years. We’re on our second one.”

“I just wanted to let you know that 26 years ago we purchased a Rainbow. We made the purchase because our son was diagnosed with critical asthma. We have used our Rainbow ever since. We had it repaired once in all those years. It works as good today as it did then. We have really gotten our money’s worth and we always recommend it. 26 years and still going strong.”
Susan B., Winchester, Virgina
“When I needed service, I found my distributor to be very polite and very fast at solving my problem. I love this vacuum and your company and I am very satisfied with the Fantastic customer service! This is the best company I have ever had to deal with.”
Patricia J.Texas
“I want to thank everyone at Rexair LLC for making spectacular vacuums for over 60 years. I own a D2, D3 and a D4SE and nothing compares to the power of any of them. I take pride in owning Rainbow vacuums and recommend them to everyone. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!”
Jordan T., Eastpointe, Michigan
“I bought my Rainbow in 1992, and although it’s seen better days, it runs like a champ. With three kids, three cats and a dog, it doesn’t get much rest!”
Barbara W., Rochester, New York

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