Important Safety Notice


In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Rexair LLC is notifying you of a potential safety issue associated with certain Rainbow® SRX® units. Accordingly, effective immediately, we are working closely with our independent authorized Rainbow® distributors to implement a straightforward repair to the affected Rainbow SRX, Model RHCS19 Type 120 (Serial number range 22003399 through 22077889) pictured here.

Press Release – U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Notice to Affected Consumers

If you own a Rainbow SRX (Serial number range 22003399 through 22077889):

At your earliest convenience, please contact the authorized Rainbow® distributor shown on your purchase agreement. If you are unable to locate or contact the Rainbow distributor from whom you purchased your Rainbow, please use the distributor locator below:

Rainbow SRX
SRX Model Number

Model number label location for the recalled Rainbow SRX vacuum

SRX Serial Number

Serial number location on the Rainbow SRX vacuum

Find a Distributor

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If you have questions about any Rainbow product, including any questions about authorized repair and maintenance service, please contact Rexair’s Customer Service Department. They will consult with you and provide you with the answers you seek, or will direct you to a local Authorized Rainbow Distributor who can help you get the information you need.

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